Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well, here I am waiting for the world to catch up with me... about this time last year, Village to the South was recording "Is This Yesterday" right here in my computer room. Now I can't even count on a friend showing up at the time he says. (Then again, could I ever really count on him showing up?)

I am feeling quite out of sorts today. My head is killing me... I went for a drive earlier and 20 minutes down the road I had to turn around... I had nowhere to go and no one to talk to.

I was going to burn some cds for my friend today. That's why he was coming over. I could probably do it anyway. I have all the tools here. But I won't.

It's Karma, I know. I remember when I was living like he is now. YOU wear away the patience of a lot of friends that way... taking and taking and never giving. Friendship is fragile. I know that now. But no matter. I won't make that mistake again.

These days I have erected a sort of wall around myself. I don't want to let anybody in.. lest they get hurt... or I get hurt.


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