Tuesday, October 05, 2004

"Good times, for a change..."

I found a bunny!

On Friday night I was letting our dog Chelsea out when I spotted a bunny on the front lawn. I brought the dog in the house and then got a carrot from the fridge. The bunny was a lop-eared domestic breed with a grey calico like pattern.

So I coaxed the bunny home with a carrot. And my wife and I have spent the last few days trying to find the owner. It's obviously a pet bunny. It's litter trained and plays fetch and it even hops up onto the couch to cuddle. Very neat.

So today Sheri went door to door in our neighbourhood looking for the owner. It turns out that the people who owned the bunny moved out on October 1st and set the bunny loose. Their neighbour had been looking for the bunny so she could take it to the local SPCA, Lincoln County Humane Society. When she found out that we had the bunny, it was a big relief for her.

So we have a pet bunny.

It comes when you call it Floppy, so we think that it's name maybe Floppy.

The boys are very happy.

I'll be stowing my guitar patch cords out of bunny's way.


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