Sunday, December 19, 2004

Poor Sheri was crying for hours yesterday. She brought home baked cookies into Cheers to give to her friends. Then she didn't have enough to share because she got swarmed. And then most people were too drunk to remember to take them home.

Then yesterday at work she gave away some more to people she likes. And at the end of the shift she found that most people had left the cookies at their desks.. or worse had thrown them out. The final straw for her was finding two bags crushed in the parking lot.

She spent 14 hours baking and preparing those gift bags.

People are unappreciative swine. They just assume that everyone goes to the bakery, or buys a tin of President's Choice "homemade" cookies.

Now I understand what Mr. Prior, my grade 12 and 13 English Teacher at DM was on about when he quoted that bible passage about casting pearls before swine.

All I can say is all of you people who wasted those homemade cookies suck!


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