Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Well, Well.... training was exciting. We learned exciting new things about our exciting new database for logging our exciting phone calls.

In other news, I've been trying to songwrite again. No luck yet. I've been bashing up Bill Torrance's old acoustic guitar that he left at my house some five years ago now, but no luck. Sometimes I wonder why I try at all. But other times, when I'm alone, and the strings are new and freshly stretched and tuned, I can coax the music out of the instrument. Rarely, if ever, is the tape running. And unfortunately, I've done too much damage to my short memory to properly facilitate the re-creation of a song.

Used to be I'd be that guy... you know.... the first guy at the party to pick up the stray acoustic guitar in the corner, and people would ask me to play a song, whatever it may be and I'd continue plunking away saying, "Oh, I don't learn _other_ peoples songs.." when really I could never remember them. Usually I'd manage to butcher my way through the JBC's Soul Happy Hour, which everyone loved cause it's a drinking song... and then I'd gracefully exit before I did something silly like throwing up all over my shoes.


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