Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Geek Post! How I made my Linux Desktop look like a Mac Desktop!

This is just a listing for my own purposes so I can recreate a MacOSX like desktop in Linux whenever I want. As many of you know, I would like to buy a Mac for my next computer. However, due to budgetary constraints, that ain't gonna happen for awhile. The next best thing is to skin Windows to look like MacOSX. There are even sites that will show you how! But Sheri is most comfortable with the "win2k" theme in WinXP, so after a brief flirtation with windowblinds I stopped messing with the XP desktop.

So instead, for over a year now, I have been running a couple of Mac inspired themes on my Linux desktops. On the KDE side of the house I have installed Baghira. Baghira is a faithful recreation of the MacOSX desktop right down to the buttons. It even rounds the top of your desktop for you. To switch the theme for my apps that use GTK in KDE, I am using the GTK theme switcher program. It's a neat little applet that allows me to set the font and the theme to match KDE/QT (in this case by setting it to AquaExtremeSunken). On the Gnome side of the house I have installed the GnoMac Theme Pack and I am using the AquaExtremeSunken theme from that pack for my Gnome Desktop. It goes further than Baghira in the sense that its design has been lifted straight from screenshots from a Mac. For my dock I am using Ksmoothdock and my icons came from PLF's non-free repository. If you are interested in skinning your WindowsXP to look like MacOSX, check out AquaXP a website dedicated to skinning XP with a Mac-like interface.


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