Wednesday, March 10, 2004

(geek post)

On Finding Software for my Mandrake Linux Distro:

I was actually surprised at how many volunteer run FTP RPM package sites are
up for Mandrake

The best starting point is a great site for
finding sources and also for PLF, contrib, etc

My favourites:
This guy creates and compiles KDE and Gnome games.. great for a laugh

For the official flash player plugin... remember to set Konqueror and
Mozilla to search for new plugins at startup ...course you know this from
running Redhat

A very active Linux user group with a wizkid who runs Mandrake.. this site
always has the latest build of Mozilla compiled for Mandrake

This site is great just for getting a Mandrake packaged version of
Realplayer 8 for linux

and best of all Thac's RPMs
This guy keeps up to date on the latest audio and video software for
linux... highlight's: The latest version of Freevo compiled for Mandrake and
a package containing BladeEnc IMHO the best command line Mp3 ripper for any
OS (I still use it in Windows even though I have Cool Edit Pro2 cause it's
just so easy to use, so I was VERY happy to find the Linux build of it)

And of course Easy URPMI at for access to the
contrib cds and PLF for all the shiftier software

Because I am not a gamer, with the sources I mentioned above I can do pretty much anything that I need to on this system.. Once I got over the imaginary dependencies to Windows software, I was free... K3B for example is so much better than NERO for most purposes, and I do love Nero by the way.

Actually my needs are simple.. can I go to Shockwave sites on the web (yes) can I use my msn messenger id (yes) can I listen to with Realplayer (yes).. can I open my email without worrying about a virus (yes.. in fact for kicks I tried to launch a worm from an email the other day.. nothing happened.. cool) And can I configure everything without going to the command line (yes) .. so for me.. I am very happy. I like my Mandrake... it has all the tools of Redhat based Linux (unlike that total crippleware Lindows) and but I can understand it...great documentation...perfect for an enduser like myself.


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