Monday, March 22, 2004

Well, my sons Drew and Joey arrived home from there Grandma's house today. I think it's the second longest time I have been away from the boys since Joey was born. Drew talked up a storm about his visit with Grandma. He got to ride on a horse at his Grandma's friend who has horses...and that was just soooo cool. And at 8pm, Joey curled up on the floor in his favourite comforter and fell asleep on the floor next to me here in the computer room. I looked down from the computer where I was checking my email at the time, and there he was on the floor all bundled in blankets. I felt such a strong rush of emotion-of love for this boy-this child who missed me so much that he had spent the whole evening playing trucks on the floor in my office while I watched and now was fast asleep at my feet. So I tucked Drew in and then came back downstairs to carry up little Joe. As I carried him up the stairs, I realized he had grown about an inch or so while he was away. Wow. Kids. It's on nights like this that I realize the cliches about only being young once are true. Note to self: Don't waste the first years of your kids lives. Don't just show up. Be present in the moment.


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