Saturday, February 26, 2005

I used to work as a delivery boy and reprographer for Commercial Photo Copy. They went out of business a few months ago. Today the store was open for a receivership sale. I walked in off the street and wandered through the halls of my former place of employment. It was so strange, and sad to see the building empty of employees (except the people in charge of the receivership sale, that is). I walked into the warehouse, to the back room deliveries table that used to be my station. I looked at the old guillotine that we used to cut paper. For three years of my life, this WAS my office of sorts. I ran my hand across the tables in the blueprinting room that I used to polish with carnauba wax so that the paper would slide easier. I walked around the offices of the print service bureau that used to operate out of the basement. I had tried so hard to get into the print service bureau department, but my applications had always been "taken under advisement". Even so, I had thought of coming back to work for this company many times since I left. In retrospect, I am certainly better off where I am now. As I walked out the door, I recognized a former customer of mine. He was buying some art supplies at 50% off. He said, "it's such a shame, isn't it?"