Thursday, March 23, 2006

I've had a lot of interest about the Baghira Desktop Theme that I have been using in Linux lately. They have improved Baghira quite a bit since the project was started. Here is a screenshot I took last year of my desktopMy Desktop: Baghira 0.6 QT theme and AquaExtremeSunken GTK theme. Here is my current desktopMy Desktop: Baghira 0.7 QT theme and GNUaquaSE GTK themerunning the latest version of Baghira. And here is my my desktop in actionMy Desktop: Baghira 0.7 QT theme and GNUaquaSE GTK theme. If you would like more information on how to make your linux desktop look like MacOSX, visit the official Baghira project website.

Well the girl and I have been talking it through and we are definitely trying to have another child. Deciding factors for me: My student loan is only 6 months from being paid off, and Sheri and I both recently got raises. So, really, we CAN have another kid. Is it smart? I don't know. But we have been slowly pushed along by this feeling that this is just meant to happen. You can check out my wife Sheri's blog to see what I mean.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March already and we're marching along. My children are getting big. I was watching the boys play basketball with the neighbours' kids yesterday. Drew has a pretty good layup and Joey can actually grab the ball, but he hasn't quite figured out the dribbling part yet. I think that Drew is going to be a great basketball player. He seems to have an aptitude for it. So today, Sheri bought the boys there very own basketball. It's regulation size and everything. Cool. Sheri wants to have another child. I'm mostly onboard, which is just to say that I can find no justification not to have another kid, other than the usual suspects, that is. I just got a raise and work is going well, and Sheri is well liked and can pretty much set her own schedule at work over and above the 16 hours or so she currently I financially we're okay. I am just so afraid of what having another child could mean to us though. Right now everything is in balance. We have our boys and life is going well. Why go and complicate it by having another child. I am afraid of losing us. Of losing my Sheri and my Drew and my Joey and the life I know now. I'm just figuring it out. But most of all, I'm afraid that this baby will push Sheri and I apart instead of drawing us together. I'm afraid that her life has come to depend so much on THE IDEA of having another child.. a girl, and that Drew and Joey and I will become merely shadows, bit players in her world.