Wednesday, March 10, 2004

(geek post)

On Finding Software for my Mandrake Linux Distro:

I was actually surprised at how many volunteer run FTP RPM package sites are
up for Mandrake

The best starting point is a great site for
finding sources and also for PLF, contrib, etc

My favourites:
This guy creates and compiles KDE and Gnome games.. great for a laugh

For the official flash player plugin... remember to set Konqueror and
Mozilla to search for new plugins at startup ...course you know this from
running Redhat

A very active Linux user group with a wizkid who runs Mandrake.. this site
always has the latest build of Mozilla compiled for Mandrake

This site is great just for getting a Mandrake packaged version of
Realplayer 8 for linux

and best of all Thac's RPMs
This guy keeps up to date on the latest audio and video software for
linux... highlight's: The latest version of Freevo compiled for Mandrake and
a package containing BladeEnc IMHO the best command line Mp3 ripper for any
OS (I still use it in Windows even though I have Cool Edit Pro2 cause it's
just so easy to use, so I was VERY happy to find the Linux build of it)

And of course Easy URPMI at for access to the
contrib cds and PLF for all the shiftier software

Because I am not a gamer, with the sources I mentioned above I can do pretty much anything that I need to on this system.. Once I got over the imaginary dependencies to Windows software, I was free... K3B for example is so much better than NERO for most purposes, and I do love Nero by the way.

Actually my needs are simple.. can I go to Shockwave sites on the web (yes) can I use my msn messenger id (yes) can I listen to with Realplayer (yes).. can I open my email without worrying about a virus (yes.. in fact for kicks I tried to launch a worm from an email the other day.. nothing happened.. cool) And can I configure everything without going to the command line (yes) .. so for me.. I am very happy. I like my Mandrake... it has all the tools of Redhat based Linux (unlike that total crippleware Lindows) and but I can understand it...great documentation...perfect for an enduser like myself.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Well, Well.... training was exciting. We learned exciting new things about our exciting new database for logging our exciting phone calls.

In other news, I've been trying to songwrite again. No luck yet. I've been bashing up Bill Torrance's old acoustic guitar that he left at my house some five years ago now, but no luck. Sometimes I wonder why I try at all. But other times, when I'm alone, and the strings are new and freshly stretched and tuned, I can coax the music out of the instrument. Rarely, if ever, is the tape running. And unfortunately, I've done too much damage to my short memory to properly facilitate the re-creation of a song.

Used to be I'd be that guy... you know.... the first guy at the party to pick up the stray acoustic guitar in the corner, and people would ask me to play a song, whatever it may be and I'd continue plunking away saying, "Oh, I don't learn _other_ peoples songs.." when really I could never remember them. Usually I'd manage to butcher my way through the JBC's Soul Happy Hour, which everyone loved cause it's a drinking song... and then I'd gracefully exit before I did something silly like throwing up all over my shoes.

Monday, March 08, 2004

Well I have training tomorrow morning.. so I'll actually get to have dinner with Sheri tomorrow night! Hurray!

Well, Hurray! Hurray! I have a full day of training on our new database tomorrow so I'll be finished work by 3pm!

Added bonus: Sheri doesn't start work until 6:30pm tomorrow, so I get to have supper with her during the week for a change! Yay for Training Tuesday!

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well, here I am waiting for the world to catch up with me... about this time last year, Village to the South was recording "Is This Yesterday" right here in my computer room. Now I can't even count on a friend showing up at the time he says. (Then again, could I ever really count on him showing up?)

I am feeling quite out of sorts today. My head is killing me... I went for a drive earlier and 20 minutes down the road I had to turn around... I had nowhere to go and no one to talk to.

I was going to burn some cds for my friend today. That's why he was coming over. I could probably do it anyway. I have all the tools here. But I won't.

It's Karma, I know. I remember when I was living like he is now. YOU wear away the patience of a lot of friends that way... taking and taking and never giving. Friendship is fragile. I know that now. But no matter. I won't make that mistake again.

These days I have erected a sort of wall around myself. I don't want to let anybody in.. lest they get hurt... or I get hurt.